European Advanced Training Retreat

For experienced practitioners and assistant trainers

19th to 22nd March 2019 in Aurillac, France

How to nurture, develop and enhance the future of Feldenkrais pedagogues

19th to 22nd March 2019 in Aurillac

  • Perhaps you are thinking of visiting or joining an ongoing Feldenkrais training, to share your experience.
  • Perhaps you even envisage to work in a professional program.
  • Perhaps you are preparing to become an assistant trainer or you are on the road to become a Feldenkrais trainer…

As experienced practitioners or assistant trainers, we are part of the future of the Feldenkrais Method. Now, as we prepare ourselves to step into roles of leadership in the educational community, we have the opportunity to intentionally shape a culture which reflects current attitudes and values, Feldenkrais principles and supports our mutual growth.

What are our goals : 


  • Create a dynamic where practitioners and assistant trainers can actively participate in the daily life of an ongoing training:
    • interacting with students during class
    • giving FI or ATM
    • in the preparations, processes and evaluations of practicums
    • during "extra-curricular" activities.
  • Create and nurture an educational community that promotes: innovation, mutual respect, co-creation and formalised professional dialogue, or that shares resources in lifelong learning.

What will be our program :


  • We will begin each day with an ATM and we will share, our FI discoveries, innovations and inventions.
  • We will use play, writing and small group processes to cultivate:
      • the art of asking "clear" and open questions
      • a non-judgmental observation in the learning process
      • availability in relation to students and other members of the teaching team
      • the ongoing clarification of reflection processes and your own schema as a practitioner
      • confidence in reporting observations to the teaching team
      • a professional attitude and discours
      • formal and informal feedback that reassures, inspires and fosters learning

Knowledge, abilities or skills to be improved


  • Growing as an experienced practitioner and map your maturation into Assistant Trainer or Trainer
  • Polishing your ability to express your own thinking, demonstrate your own abilities and acknowledge, your own convictions while preserving our spirit of inquiry and embracing  differences.
  • Balancing professional development with self-care and personal development.
  • Enhancing your ability to create a learning environment that provides for a sense of safety, curiosity and an appropriate level of challenge
  • Learning a variety of methods for quality assurance and quality assessment
  • Learning ways to create both formal and informal constructive feedback loops, and getting the confidence to share it.
Advanced Training

Candy Conino


Candy Conino est kinésithérapeute, praticienne et assistante formatrice de la méthode Feldenkrais®. Elle a une pratique à plein temps, et spécialisée dans le travail avec des personnes souffrant de douleurs chroniques et de troubles du mouvement. Elle à l'origine du concept des ‘assistant trainers retreat’ aux États-Unis. Depuis 2007, sa passion est de créer des post-formations et des processus visant à renforcer la confiance et la compétence des praticiens Feldenkrais® du monde entier. Candy aime encadrer les praticiens de sa communauté et les étudiants des programmes de formation.

Elle est une facilitatrice expérimentée, et directrice des étude à la nouvelle académie de formation Feldenkrais de Jeff Haller à Seattle. Elle se dévoue à un enseignement qui aides les personnes à évoluer dans la vie avec puissance, joie et intégrité d'esprit .

Feldenkrais Education Students France

Who is this workshop for ?

The workshop is destined to every experienced Feldenkrais practitioners and to Assistant Trainers who in the short or long term want to work or share their experiences in international professional Feldenkrais trainings and want to be part of the future Feldenkrais educational community.

Salle de formation

Enrolment and further information :

  Tel : +33 6 63 77 03 48

  Fee :  420 €  or

             260 € ( if you have a full membership of a Feldenkrais Guild)


         The Workshop will be in English (occasional French translation possible )

Aurillac, la Jordane

How to get to Aurillac ?

BY PLANE : : 2 flights daily between Paris and Aurillac ( except Saturdays) : London - Brive ( 1h30 from Aurillac ) / Brussels - Rodez ( 1h15 from Aurillac )


Several daily connections from Paris, Toulouse, Clermont-Fd, Brive la Gaillard

Arrival station : Aurillac         /    Information SNCF : +33 (0)836 35 35 35

The institute is about 15 minutes walk from the train station.

Where to live ?

Airbnb / hotel / Chambre d’hôtes … Contact us if you need any help

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