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Webinar : “From intention to action”

26 May 2024

Webinar : “From intention to action”

Wouldn’t it be great if learning could be pleasant, empowering, and inspire curiosity? What if you had access to clear, effective strategies to enhance your learning abilities? We are thrilled to invite you to our free webinar, “From Intention to Action” led by Scott Clark, the Educational Director of the upcoming Cantal 5 Feldenkrais professional training, set to begin this summer of 2024 in Aurillac, France.

This webinar offers a unique glimpse into the Feldenkrais method’s practical strategies for optimal learning. Scott Clark will guide you through some of these strategies, demonstrating how the Feldenkrais method uses a playful and exploratory approach to movement, to enhance your abilities.

**Webinar Details:**

– **Date:** 26th of May

– **Time:** 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

– **Register for Free:

Whether you’re exploring the Feldenkrais method for the first time or you’re an experienced student or practitioner, this webinar is an excellent opportunity to dive deeper. During this session, you will:

  • Experience an online Awareness Through Movement lesson;
  • Uncover various strategies of the method;
  • Have the opportunity to ask Scott Clark and the team about the Cantal 5 training;
  • Meet the team behind our professional training program in Aurillac, France.

The webinar is free, but online access is limited, so secure your spot promptly. You’ll need just a mat, an internet connection, and why not bring a group of friends to share the experience?

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From intention to Action

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