Feldenkrais Lessons Online or in person

It's hard to describe the taste of mango if you've never tasted it. With the Feldenkrais Method®, there's nothing better than taking a moment to lie on the floor and feel what Awareness Through Movement (AMM) is all about.

We offer weekly lessons with Nikos Appelqvist and Betzabel Falfan online or on site at Forest Lighthouse 274 Rue des Alliés, Brussels.  ( Resuming on site in March)

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Day Hour Language Lesson
Tuesday17:30 CETSpanishOnline
Tuesday18:30 CETFrenchOnline & In person
Thursday17:30 CETEnglishOnline
Thursday18:30 CETFrenchOnline & In person

Light legs and rolling from the hips
Nikos Appelqvist

In this lesson you can explore how your pelvis and hip joints play a key role in movement.

Feel how can you distribute the movement along your self in an efficient way and use the ground for moving.

Lifting the pelvis
Nikos Appelqvist

The Feldenkrais Method explores discovering options. Find out how there are several ways of carrying out the same intention using different strategies.

Lifting the pelvis in different ways creates choice and fosters ease in movement by broadening how you can use yourself.

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It couldn't be easier! From the comfort of your own home or at the Feldenkrais Centre in Brussels, enjoy weekly lessons in the Feldenkrais Method.


40€ /month
390€ /year
  • Voila7 days trial
  • Online & in-person
  • 2 weekly lessons
  • French, English and Spanish
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  • Guest teachers
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140€ /10 Classes
16€ /class
  • VoilaValid for 6 months
  • Online & in-person
  • 2 weekly lessons
  • English, French and Spanish