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Who are we ?


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Feldenkrais Education

" We believe that it is not about our teaching, but about your learning "

With Feldenkrais-Education we aim to promote the Feldenkrais Method and the quality of its transmission. We are committed to spreading the teachings of Moshe Feldenkrais through the organization of professional training programs, advanced-trainings, weekly lessons and workshops as well as the publication of teaching materials.


Centre Feldenkrais Cantal


Feldenkrais Brussels


The organisers who welcome you


Yvo Mentens


Yvo, from Belgium, was introduced to the Feldenkrais method through his work in physical theatre more than 25 years ago. He was certified in 2009 in Paris, as a professional practitioner, under the direction of Myriam Pfeffer, and has been an assistant trainer since 2016. He runs his private practice of Feldenkrais in Paris and at the Feldenkrais Cantal Centre located in Aurillac, where he is also Assistant Trainer for the Cantal 1&2 training. He teaches at the Conservatoire National d'Art Dramatique de Paris CNSAD, where, in addition to theatre, he has set up a major Feldenkrais course programme with ATM and FIs for students.

For several years, he has been involved in research and practice in the fields of education, stage disciplines, movement and the development of human potential. As Belgian citizen, he has studied various forms of physical theatre and holds university degrees in criminology, sociology and psychotherapy.

He was, for several years, an active member of the board of the French Feldenkrais Guild, of the Eurotab ETC Council, and served as vice president of the Feldenkrais IFF International Federation.

Pia Appelquist - Feldenkrais Education

Pia Appelquist


Pia graduated from Myriam Pfeffer's training in Paris in 2011, and became an assistant trainer in 2019. She is Danish but has lived and worked in France since 1990. She first studied anthropology and then pursued a career as a professional actress. For over 25 years, she has been researching and developing her working method around the actors' stage presence, with a particular attention to body language.

She initiated and actively participated in innovative work in artistic education for the curriculum of schools and teacher training colleges. She is co-founder of the Institut Beliashe - Centre des Arts et du Potentiel Humain in France. She is co-organiser of the Feldenkrais professional training programs in Cantal, France, and is continuity assistent in the Brussels 1 training program.


Nikos Dalton


Nikos, of English and Danish origin, grew up in France. Fully trilingual from young age, he translated for the first time into French the bestseller , "A busy persons guide to the Feldenkrais method". Translator within the Feldenkrais Education organisation, he studies and works in the Cantal training and is co-organiser of the Brussels training program. He is passionate about the method and its transmission. He is the official translator for Brussels 1 and Cantal 2 and responsable for Feldenkrais Education's communication program.

Based in Brussels since 2010, has a diploma in "Cinematography" from the film school INSAS, Brussels (Institut National Supérieur des Arts et des Techniques de Diffusion) and has pursued his career in film and documentary with the exploration of the moving images and the moving body. He also teaches in the European Docnomads program in the film school 'St Lukas', Brussels.

Co-organisor feldenkrais training brussels

Betzabel Falfan


Betzabel, of Mexican origin, is based in Brussels since 2017, where she teaches Indian classical dance. Spanish, french and english speaking she co-organises and administers the training in Belgium and accompanies students in their curicculum. Dancer, actress, yoga practitioner, Betzabel graduated from the University of Paris VIII with her research on Indian classical dance "Sattriya", and as such holds the first academic research on this subject.

She follows her professional training in the Feldenkrais method at the Feldenkrais Cantal Centre and continues her research and studies on the anthropology of dance and the body in movement.


For whom is a Feldenkrais Training Program ?


Today, it is quite usual for Feldenkrais training programs to appeal to and gather a diverse field of interested students. Following this spirit, our aim is to constitute a group of people with different interests and from diverse professional backgrounds. Anyone can join the course, regardless of his or her profession, age, gender or physical condition.



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Personnel Benefits

  • A heightened sense of detailed movement in space, with an increased awareness of our basic physiological functioning. 

  • A deeper understanding of the somatic dimension present in psychological and emotional patterns, habits and self-image.

  • New means of recognizing and transforming, for yourself and others, the underlying tendencies that can cause physical pain, stress and fatigue.

  • Ways of strengthening and vitalizing your chosen profession with new tools for learning and teaching.

How is a training program organised ?

The program runs over a period of 4 years, (160 days, a total of 800 hours) and meets the requirements dictated by Eurotab (European and Israeli Feldenkrais training and accreditation board).

The first year of the training will focus mainly on Awareness Through Movement classes® (ATM), and in addition, there will be a first introduction to Functional Integration lessons® (IF).

The teaching of Functional Integration becomes more and more important as the training advances, and becomes the dominant study in the last year of the cycle. Over the full four years of the training, each participant will receive 12 individual lessons of Functional Integration, included in the training fees.

Feldenkrais professional practitioner program
Post Formation France

What you will learn ?

Theoretical Foundations

You will integrate fundamental theoretical notions of learning, physics, psychology, kinesiology, motor development, anatomy and neurophysiology.

Quality of life

Means to recognize and transform, for yourself and for others, the underlying trends that cause physical pain, stress and fatigue.


You will learn to analyse in depth the structure and function of the Awareness Through Movement® lessons invented by Moshe Feldenkrais. You will be able to integrate the method in order to develop your own pedagogy.

Increased sensitivity

During 4 years, you will develop the observational skills and the tactile sensitivity necessary for a professional practice of Functional Integration.


You will develop tools for learning and teaching, while growing your communication skills and discovering how to feel comfortable in front of a group. We help you strengthen your expression in public.

An experts' eye

From watching video recordings of Moshe Feldenkrais, you will get tools to analyze and deconstruct a Functional Integration lesson.

A new dynamic

You will discover how to stimulate your current profession or learn how to launch a successful professional practice. You will also be introduced to notions of ethics, legislation, communication and marketing to help you prepare for a practice.

A finer perception

You will discover how to recognise a person's movement strategies and habits. You will analyse how these movement patterns reflect a person's neuro-somatic and emotional development.

Yearlong learning

In order to guarantee a continuous learning process, you will have access during the entire program to all the recorded lessons. All on our online platform. You'll be able to study the previous segments and keep contact with students via the forum.

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