Elizabeth Beringer – Trainer


Elizabeth Beringer has been involved with the practice and development of the Feldenkrais Method for more than 40 years. She studied directly with the founder Moshe Feldenkrais.
Elizabeth has maintained an ongoing and varied private practice, applying the Feldenkrais® approach with a diverse population and is known for her ability to apply the Method in dynamic situations. She has practiced the martial art of aikido since 1977 and currently holds the rank of 6th-degree black belt. Her practice of Feldenkrais has been deeply informed by her experiences in Aikido.
Over the years, Elizabeth has been actively involved with the development of the Feldenkrais Method into a respected profession, and she has devotedly been developing educational programs and materials. She is the director of ‘Feldenkrais Resources’ which includes the ongoing development of new educational materials and an active International teaching schedule. She travels extensively teaching postgraduate programs and in training programs in Europe and the US. Elisabeth lives in San Diego, where she maintains her private practice.

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