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Brussels III - 2023

Professional Training in the Feldenkrais Method 
Brussels-Capital, Belgium


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Brussels II

The first Feldenkrais training program* in the heart of Europe. Consider becoming a certified practitioner.

4 years

160 days

800 hours

*meeting the requirements establisehd by EuroTAB (European and Israeli Feldenkrais Training Accreditation Board).

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  • 3 segments per Year

Consider becoming a practitioner

Feldenkrais Education offers you a four-year professional training to become a certified practitioner of the Feldenkrais method. This training will not only teach you the method, but also profoundly change the quality of your life as you discover an unexplored part of your human potential.
New profesional feldenkrais training program Brussels 2019

Bruxelles, ma belle

From its prestigious European commission, to its vast animated markets, through its medieval Grand-Place, its large flower-filled parks and its famous flea markets, Brussels has the potential to surprise you.

Located at a stone's throw from Paris, London, Cologne and Amsterdam, Brussels offers an incomparable quality of life. Pleasant and accessible, it is full of museums, cafés, restaurants, galleries, chocolate shops and is ranked among the greenest cities in Europe.

What you will learn ?

Theoretical Foundations

You will integrate fundamental theoretical notions of learning, physics, psychology, kinesiology, motor development, anatomy and neurophysiology.

Quality of life

Means to recognize and transform, for yourself and for others, the underlying trends that cause physical pain, stress and fatigue.


You will learn to analyse in depth the structure and function of the Awareness Through Movement® lessons invented by Moshe Feldenkrais. You will be able to integrate the method in order to develop your own pedagogy.

Increased sensitivity

During 4 years, you will develop the observational skills and the tactile sensitivity necessary for a professional practice of Functional Integration.


You will develop tools for learning and teaching, while growing your communication skills and discovering how to feel comfortable in front of a group. We help you strengthen your expression in public.

An experts' eye

From watching video recordings of Moshe Feldenkrais, you will get tools to analyze and deconstruct a Functional Integration lesson.

A new dynamic

You will discover how to stimulate your current profession or learn how to launch a successful professional practice. You will also be introduced to notions of ethics, legislation, communication and marketing to help you prepare for a practice.

A finer perception

You will discover how to recognise a person's movement strategies and habits. You will analyse how these movement patterns reflect a person's neuro-somatic and emotional development.

Yearlong learning

In order to guarantee a continuous learning process, you will have access during the entire program to all the recorded lessons. All on our online platform. You'll be able to study the previous segments and keep contact with students via the forum.

The venue?

For the launch of the second professional training in Brussels, we are at the same time delighted to inaugurate the opening of a centre dedicated in large part to Feldenkrais and somatic education. The Lighthouse, a centre for trainings and creations, will host the training and will make it possible to welcome the students in optimal conditions. The room will be accessible to students at certain times outside of the training and offers kitchen and coffee facilities. Need a stroll in the park? One of the largest parks in Brussels is only 5 minutes walking disctance. 

The entire Lighthouse team has pulled up their sleeves and has started the construction work. We are looking forward to welcoming the newcomers... To be continued.


Price ?

Year 1:  3900 euros, 40 days, 3 sessions 
Year 2:  3900 euros, 40 days, 3 sessions 
Year 3:  3990 euros, 40 days, 3 sessions 
Year 4:  3990 euros, 40 days, 3 sessions

What is included ?

  • 12 individual Functional Integration lessons

  • Access to the online educational platform. You can watch and listen to passed lessons throughout the year. 

  • An account for the students' online forum.

  • Possibility of using the space to continue practicing outside the program.


After successfully completing the training, you will receive an end-of-cycle certificate and you will be recognized internationally as a "Feldenkrais Practitioner". You will be part of a growing international community with more than 15,000 practitioners today. The growing recognition in the areas of education, sports, neuroscience and health, guarantee the Feldenkrais method an important role in the future.

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