Yvo Mentens – Trainer

Yvo Mentens

Yvo, originally from Belgium, is a certified Feldenkrais practitioner. He graduated from Myriam Pfeffer’s training in Paris in 2009. Since 2016 he works as an assistant trainer. He teaches at the Conservatoire National d’Art Dramatique de Paris CNSAD, where, in addition to theater, he has set up an important program of Feldenkrais classes with PCM and IF for students.

A Belgian national, Yvo has studied various forms of physical and burlesque theater, and has worked as an actor and director internationally. He is currently co-directing the Beliashe Institute – Center for Arts and Human Potential, in Aurillac.

Yvo Mentens holds university degrees in criminology, sociology and psychotherapy. He was a member of the Eurotab ETC Council and vice-president of the International Feldenkrais Federation IFF.

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