Full Feldenkrais Practitioner Kit


This kit of rollers and supports, essential to Feldenkrais practice, has been designed by practitioners for practitioners. Versatile and comprehensive, it’s perfect for enriching all your functional integration sessions. Designed to maximize client comfort, refine movements and incorporate constraints that facilitate learning, this kit is the fruit of in-depth collaboration with trainers, seasoned practitioners and students of the Feldenkrais Method, guaranteeing an optimal experience for both practitioner and client.



Kit description :

Price : 340 € incl. tax
Colors: Navy Blue and Gray Blue.
Number of pieces: 15 + 1 Bag
Types of supports: Hard and soft rolls + Head supports
The cloth has zippers for easy removal and cleaning, and the rollers come with handles for convenient handling.

Kit contents :

Hard rolls :

– 1 roll (15x90cm)
– 1 roll (10x90cm)
– 2 mini rolls (7.5x45cm)
– Made of polyethylene, a light, strong, dense material for clear, direct transmission.

Flexible rolls :

– 1 roll (15x90cm)
– 1 roll (10x90cm)
– 2 mini rolls (7.5x45cm)
– Made from PU20, a softer foam for enhanced comfort, offering optimal, flexible support.

Head Supports :

– 6 pieces (50x20cm) in two thicknesses: 2x1cm and 4×2.5cm
– Made of D180 chipboard, offering stability, clear and firm support for the head.

Artificial floor :

– A wooden board to simulate the feel of the ground when lying down.

Transport bag:

– Practical for storage and transport.


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